Road maintenance activities are integral part of improving road safety conditions. Given that the road infrastructure is subject to ever increasing demands (especially from cross-border journeys), it seems unavoidable that, in the future, works on road maintenance and extensions will occur on a higher frequency than in the past. 


Despite the overall progress being made in the area of road safety, road works remain particularly hazardous zones, as they represent an unexpected change to the usual driving environment. The drivers themselves do not regard road works as a danger. They assume to take sufficient precautions, choose the right speed, decelerate at the right moment and keep the proper safety distance from other vehicles. However, because of their actions and wrong perceptions, they put themselves, other road users and road workers in jeopardy. 

Furthermore, as traffic becomes more and more transnational, road users would benefit from transparent and harmonized measures for work zones. Existing national regulations or guidelines are often different from one country to another. In this context, the EU and national authorities have a key role to play in specifying uniform safety requirements, which would also contribute to diminishing high human, economic and social costs of accidents and delays occurring on road works.


The objective of the Work Zone Safety Working Group is to:


  • To raise public and political awareness of the importance of improving safety in work zones
  • To reinforce cooperation with politicians, stakeholders and standardisation bodies in order to contribute to wider standardisation at European level
  • To carry out more comprehensive and focused research on national guidelines, legislations and case studies in this area in order to compare the discrepancies between different countries (different definitions and divisions of: road network, type of road works, work zone areas, safety measures, etc…)
  • To identify the best practices and produce work zone guidelines adapted to the state of the art in good practices
  • To improve visibility of the problem at EU level and undertake actions of dissemination (publications, events, etc…).


For more information on the Work Zone Safety working group, please contact José Diez, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.